Information those of you that Need Help and Support for Gambling Addiction

Consequences of Casino Addiction

Casino addiction could lead to serious health and financial problems for the bettors. It can affect the bettors health, not only physically but emotionally and in your head. It can slot dadunation cause financial ruin and have serious impact on their family. Bettors who do not stop casino may lose not only their jobs but may also lose their homes, loved ones and their close friends. Their lives could get completely out of control as they become enslaved by casino and they may become a danger not only to themselves but to their families, friends and also to the public. Bettors sadly may end up obtaining money from their friends and families to fund their casino addiction and begin to mix only with people that are enslaved by casino. They may have difficulty in sleeping and become moody, anxious and depressed. The bettors being addicted casino begins to hurt themselves as well as their own families and friends. The bettors family may feel vulnerable, troubled and powerless if they are unable to stop them from casino. People enslaved by casino may have suicidal tendencies and this can be very distressing for their families and friends.

Casino parents’ children will be deeply affected if their parents respond towards them in an angry, painful and verbally harassing manner. Children may be so scared of their casino parents’ behaviour that they may not know where and who to turn to for help. Casino parents may spend their money on their addiction rather than on their children.

Family should not try to bail out the bettors out of debt because that won’t help them overcome their casino addiction. Bettors need to take responsibility of the fact that they have a addiction and that it is a very serious problem.

Help and Support
Bettors who make the decision to find help and support for their addiction will have taken their first step to recovery. They will have found the strength within them to seek help and also awakened to the fact that there is no magic pill solutions to their casino addiction. They can get help and support by:

  1. Seeking advice from their doctors who may refer them to a suitable counsellor so they can a cognitive behavioural physical therapist.
  2. Going to a casino confidential support group meeting.
  3. Calling the national casino problems help line.
  4. Researching casino addiction treatments such as a hypnotic approach.
  5. Reading self -help books.

Regaining bettors should try to:

  1. Spend their time with their loves ones and close friends and undertake social activities that they enjoy doing.
  2. Stay away from socialising with friends who are enslaved by casino.
  3. Get rid of or destroy their credit cards so that they are not tempted to spend on casino.
  4. Learn to relax to avoid stress.
  5. Take up yoga or relaxation classes.
  6. Call someone who they trust implicitly if they have urges or craving to gamble.
  7. Stay positive and eat a good diet.
  8. Go for long walks.
  9. Plan social events.
  10. Cook a meal for their families and friends.
  11. Watch TV, listen to music and dance.

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